Value-Added Benefits Solutions driven by Innovation

Hlomula Benefits Services (Pty) Ltd is an innovative professional independent service provider for tracing solutions, data maintenance and management of section 37C and Estate benefits cases.

Our Team

Our team members consist of professional consultants who hold skills, expertise and have extensive experience in the retirement funds industry, supported by investigators and data networks with experience in forensic investigations and advanced data base technological systems.



  • Independent; not associated to any financial services provider.
  • Advanced modern tracing technological systems.
  • Back-up data base systems and wide networks.
  • Safe membership data storage away from destruction.
  • Pro-active approach.
  • Efficient and cost effective strategic processes.
  • Qualified advisors compliant with FAIS Act.
  • Consultants have extensive experience in retirement funds expert advice, section 37C investigations; estate benefits cases, and trusteeship.
  • Strategic models ensuring compliance in terms of the Pension Funds Act.